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Process aluminium dross into useful material

Process aluminium dross into useful material, we did it


Our melting workshop finally process aluminium dross into useful material, we did it.  


It process aluminum dross well with aluminium dross machine from Brightstar!


Aluminum dross processing is the big headache in our melting workshop and aluminum casting workshop. In the past, we have been getting so many problems in the dross processing, such as serious pollution, labor intensive, lower recovery rate etc. 


In order to solve the problem in the aluminum dross recovery, our workshop is seeking for the effective solutions and methods for the dross recycling


Unfortunately, aluminium dross recycling and aluminium recovery rate in the aluminum melting workshop and casting workshop is not satisfactory.  


Boss scold and Criticizes, workers complain, dissatisfaction from the accounting department for the dross processing efficiency, all make our melting workshop suffered lots of doubt for the aluminum dross processing methods.


From May of each year, the hot weather is coming, and the dust and smoke will be everywhere in the workshop. In this high temperature and high labor intensity, workers heatstroke incidents often happened.  Though we took some measures for the heatstroke, cooling and environment protection, so far it is ineffective.


These situations requires that we must get the solution for the dross reclaiming to solve the existing problem in the dross processing and get the double bumper harvest for the social and economic benefits


June of 2018, through the recommendation of our industry leader, we used aluminum dross processing machine from Brightstar Aluminum Machinery. After 2 years using, it approves their aluminum dross processing machine can meet our requirement.


Energy saving, environment friendly, less pollution, the machine can make full use of heating energy from melting for the dross processing. Automatic operation can save the labor in the processing. The most important is increasing the benefit.


These make our workshop won the awards in the workshop appraisal of 2019, and got the special summer subsidies for high temperature.


If you are in the same situation as us in the past that faces the problems mentioned in the dross processing and looking for the solution and methods. Why not try aluminum dross processing machine from Brightstar Aluminum machinery Co., Ltd. 


Maybe the problems will be solved after you use their aluminum dross processing machine, which can recover aluminum from the aluminum dross effectively and high efficiency.  The machine can improve the 1-3% gross profit margin for the company. 


If you are the boss or factory head of alloy factory, or aluminum scrap recycling company, or extrusion factory, take the action right now, not only interested in the benefit and effectiveness of their aluminum dross processor.