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In depth information about aluminium profile anodizing


Anodizing aluminum profile supplier, anodizing aluminum extrusion and aluminum alloy profile from Foshan Honstar Aluminum Products Co., Ltd


What is Anodizing?
According to the profile of the metallic aluminum to protect the color look dull or bright, and to provide resistance against corrosion is a process applied purposes. With an electrochemical reaction on the surface of the aluminum oxide layer is created.


What determines the thickness of the layer Anodizing?
Determine the layer thickness of the main elements Anodizing is used as the anode current is the amount of aluminum that is given to. Unit area varies between 1.2 and 2 amps to the current time and coating thickness of the coating layer is adjusted.


What thickness should Anodizing coating?
The answer to this question of how much life you get the product you're willing to be is relevant. 100% recycled aluminum which is a substance used in the financial value of the scrap of aluminum products is high. Therefore, a certain thickness of coating will determine the cost of time and use the product's use is necessary to take into account the environment. Due to weather conditions, on average, can be assumed Eloxal layer will reduce the annual 0.3 μm. As an example, lives in Istanbul and the window period of 50 years Anodizing plated and strength you want. Istanbul's air because of the high-acid ratio of 0:35 to melt in the layer Anodizing as we μm:
0.35 * 50 = 17.5 μm As a result, have received the product you want as Anodizing coating of 18 μm is a correct choice.


Anodizing coating is why?
Anodizing process as a decorative and aesthetic purposes, industrial purposes or the use of aluminum against corruption may occur over the surface harder, corrosion resistant, long lasting, apply today to the 1920s.


How to make Color Anodizing?
Dipping method and the electrolytic coloring can be done two different ways Anodizing color. Electrolytic coloring method, dipping method, thanks to the advantages are more preferred. Electrolyte as tin sulfate, copper sulfate, cobalt sulfate, metal salts such as are used. Electrolytic coloring process to be able to do must be absolutely anodizing.


What are the codes anodizing surface meaning is what?
2 as part of the original code anodizing surface treatment consists of pre-process the first part and second part is the color of the surface in a process so that the two will generate the code. Constitutes the first part of the front surface treatment procedure codes and descriptions:

Pre-Processing Code Name Description Pre-Processing

Pre-Processing Code
  Pre-Action Name

  Forming on the surface of materials during all views are protected. Surface rupture and scratches, several traces remain.
  Opaque to obtain a surface defect but most has been covered.

  Brushing (satinaj) (Matte)
  Brushes used to help resolve a lot of surface defects is to obtain a clean image.

  Polishing (polishing) (bright)
  Surface flaws are covered very little. Extrusion lines become evident. A bright surface is obtained. 
  Brushing sanding
  To obtain smooth surface and corrosion stains on the various defects can be corrected.

  Sanding Polishing
  to obtain a surface smooth and shiny. Surface defects and corrosion in a variety of stains can be resolved.

  Chemical Mat Update
  Satin or matt surface provides a view material. Profiles of some chemical in the surface are removed by waiting and surface defects are fixed.

As if the above pre-process Baran E0, E2, E3, E6'yı do. Products sent to us from satin mat is also (E2) and bright polishing process is also going to pass by (E3) know. Should be specifically stated on the order of E0 and E6.


The second part, the surface treatment of the color code is:

  European (Euro) CODE
EV 1
  C 0
EV 2
EV 3
EV 4
  C 32
  C 33
EV 5
  C 34
EV 6
  C 35
Above the surface of the operation code and color code combination of pre-processing code that was generated. Examples should be given a matte (brushed with the process of) a natural process if you want Anodizing surface E2 of the code will be EV1. Here you set the opacity of the pre-processing codes and color codes the E2 is also natural that the two-in-EV1 were chosen surface treatment code was specified.

Anodizing aluminum profile supplier, anodizing aluminum extrusion and aluminum alloy profile from Foshan Honstar Aluminum Products Co., Ltd