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The most important 12 factors for aluminum profile orders and aluminum extrusion orders


In order to help us understand your needs and requirements and service you better, the followings 12 factors are important for your aluminum profile orders and your aluminum extrusion orders


1 Specifications to be met; Federal specs, GB/T, ASTM, AA, DIN, EN Etc


2 Aluminum Alloy and temper; if unknown indicate requirements for strength, corrosion resistance, mechanibility, finish, weldability, to aid us in making a recommendation.


3 End use length and purchase length. Had better to leave the cutting edge


4 Drawings and machining drawings need for the moulds and machining


5 Tolerances; commercial, per drawing, other.


6 Surface Finish; mill, anodize color, paint, powder coated, thermal break, wood grain, bright silver, bright gold, brushing, polishing, exposed surfaces, etc.


7 Packaging; acceptable maximum and minimum weight per package and shipping and handling requirements.


8 Secondary fabrication requirements-mitering, punching, bending, anodizing, drilling, etc.


9 Product end-use.


10 Quantity needed; this order and on an annual basis.


11 Shipping date and lead time


12 Special quality considerations and any special request


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